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Meet the Team

Meet the Transplant Families Board of Directors. We are all caregivers to transplant recipients, and our children have been through intense medical challenges. We joined the Transplant Families Board in order to share our experiences with others and to help improve the lives of all pediatric transplant recipients. Please click on the images below to read more about each of us. If you also feel compelled to share your transplant-related experience, we would love for you to join us!


Melissa McQueen


Board Member, President and Caregiver to a Heart Transplant Recipient

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Jill Brown


Board Member, Treasurer and Caregiver to a Kidney Transplant Recipient

Katrina Fields.jpg

Katrina Fields

Board Member, Caregiver to Kidney Transplant Recipient

thumbnail_Jen Lau.jpg

Jen Lau


Board Member, Vice President

Caregiver to Liver Transplant Recipient

Ansara Piebenga.jpg

Ansara Piebenga

Board Member, Liaison to Medical Advisory Council and Caregiver to Kidney/Liver Transplant Recipient

Stacy Hillenburg.PNG

Stacy Hillenburg

Board Member, Secretary and Director of Communications and Caregiver to a Heart Transplant Recipient


Riki Graves


Board Member, Caregiver to Heart Transplant Recipient

Sarah Vargas.PNG

Sarah Vargas

Mom to Liver Recipient


Jodi Sornsen

Mom to Liver recipient

Trishelle Dwyer placement holder picture.PNG

Trishelle Dwyer

Mom to BMT recipient

Brittany Johnson.jpg

Brittany Johnson

Mom to Heart Recipient

Former Board Members and Advisors
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