We are proud to be the parent review group for many of the learning improvement collaboratives working to make life easier for pediatric transplant recipients and their parents and caregivers.  We are also very honored to have been a moderator or co-moderator on many educational webinars over the years.  We hope that some of these will bring understanding and make your path a little easier.

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A collection of either Transplant Families or Transplant Families co-hosted webinars.  Topics from medical adherence and transition to writing 504's.


ACTION Learning Network aims to unite providers and families, share data and outcomes transparently, improve education, and standardize best practices in an effort to drive improvement in areas that are often untouched by clinical trials alone.  In this collaborative effort, there have been wonderful educational materials produced.  We encourage you to check out ACTION education resources.


We are proud to be the parent review group for the PHTS (Pediatric Heart Transplant Society).  PHTS has a strong commitment to advance the science and treatment of children while listed for and following heart transplantation.  They also appreciate that parents and caregivers of pediatric heart transplant recipients are an integral part of recovery. It is in the spirit that they are offering parent reviewed "What's Pumping in Pediatric Heart Transplant Research".


Back to school guidance for children with solid organ transplants.  The statement summarizes available evidence, best practices, and consensus recommendations around key questions during COVID-19.

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