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BBC News – North Yorkshire girl saved by transplant from mum

8 July 2013 Last updated at 09:07 ET

North Yorkshire girl saved by transplant from mum

A seven-year-old girl form North Yorkshire with a rare cancer has been cured after receiving part of her mother’s liver.

The parents of Lydia Warner, from Whitley, were told by doctors in December 2011 that there was nothing more they could do for her.

Her life was saved after surgeons performed the transplant following the removal of her cancerous liver.

She has now returned to school just 12 weeks after her operation.

Lydia was diagnosed with pancreatoblastoma in September 2011.

It is a cancer of the pancreas which affects just one child every two years in the UK.

In Lydia’s case the cancer had spread, leaving her with tumours in her lymph nodes and liver.

She underwent chemotherapy at hospitals in South Yorkshire which shrank the tumours but did not destroy them.

‘Not real’

Her mother Kate Warner said she thought her daughter would be “gone in months” following the failure of the chemotherapy.

The family took her on a final holiday to Florida and even planned her funeral.

She was saved when a team of specialist surgeons at Birmingham Children’s Hospital removed her liver and replaced it with a portion of her mother’s in an operation in April.

Her mother said she could not believe how quickly her daughter had recovered.

“It’s just not real,” she said.

“You look at her now and we’ve got hope again. We’ve got a chance of life. We’ve got an opportunity we were told we wouldn’t have at all.

“So it’s down to the surgeons in Birmingham, they really saved the day.”

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