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Bowling event raises $4,000 for kidney transplant – Fort Morgan Times

Bowling event raises  alt="Bowling event raises $4,000 for kidney transplant - Fort Morgan Times" ,000 for kidney transplant - Fort Morgan Times

By Zachary Laux

Times Staff Writer

POSTED:   01/20/2015 08:00:14 AM MST

Kasey Andrus receives a hug Saturday at Morgan Lanes during a benefit event. Kasey, now 18 years old, needs a new kidney after both of his began failing at the age of 16. (Zachary Laux / Fort Morgan Times)

Pictured are donated items for a live auction that took place Saturday at Morgan Lanes. The proceeds of the auction went to benefit Brush resident Kasey Andrus as he waits for a kidney transplant. (Zachary Laux / Fort Morgan Times)

Volunteers have raised a total of $15,000 so far after organizing the latest benefit for Kasey Andrus, an 18-year-old in need of a new kidney.

Volunteers held the event “Bowling for Kasey” Saturday at Morgan Lanes, which featured live and silent auctions, bowling, homemade chili and strike pots. The event raised about $4,000, said volunteer Carol Corsentino. But combined with previous events, and with the help of several donors, the support has been substantial.

“It’s catching,” Corsentino said. “It’s like a wave going through town.”

Andrus started seeing support in November in Brush with “The Day of the Dead Broncos Party”, the first event held in his name.

From left, Michelle Andrus, Hunter Andrus, Kasey Andrus and Dan O’Brien pose Saturday at Morgan Lanes at a benefit for Kasey. Kasey was diagnosed with kidney disease before birth and his kidneys began failing when he was 16. The 18-year-old from Brush is on a transplant list for a new kidney. (Zachary Laux / Fort Morgan Times)

Since then, numerous donors including, Keith Bath Farms, Cargill Meat Solutions Inc. and school organizations have either donated money, time or products to help Andrus.

Artist Monte White donated a drawing of two resting wolves for the live auction held Saturday. The picture was made in memory of White’s late son Trey who died in a car wreck last year.

Corsentino said most donations started filtering in right before Christmas, and ultimately amounting to the $15,000. Corsentino said, at one point, people were walking in and making donations.

“It was kind of mind-blowing,” she said.

All the money donated to Andrus goes into an account set up by the Child Organ Transplant Association (COTA).

Andrus was on a Children’s Kidney Transplant list through the United Network of Organ Sharing. The pediatric list consisted of only 19 other names. However, Andrus turned 18 on Dec. 4 and his name was put on a much longer waiting list for a transplant.

The need Andrus had for new kidneys first developed when he was 16. At that time, doctors determined his kidneys were failing. Andrus was diagnosed with kidney disease before birth.

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