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​Chris Klug Foundation

Manager, and Lauren Pierce, Executive Director, to learn more about the foundation. We love their energy and compassion when it comes to organ donation, recipients, and donors. One of the highlights of our interview was learning about the “Bounce Back, Give Back” award. It allows the organization and recipients to raise awareness, expand people who sign up as organ donors, have your child recognized for achievements post-transplant and possibly win a trip to Aspen, Colorado with one guest. If this all sounds amazing to you, as it does us, and you want to sign up for the award, you will definitely want to visit their website.

Chris Klug Foundation Article Founded in 2003, is dedicated to promoting lifesaving organ and tissue donation and improving the quality of life for those touched by donation. Chris Klug was diagnosed with primary sclerosing chongalitis, a rare disease for which the only cure is a liver transplant. He received a liver transplant and went on to win a Bronze medal in the 2002 Winter Olympics a mere 18 months post-transplant. Soon thereafter, Chris started the Chris Klug Foundation.

Visit their website today or visit our resources site for additional information.

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