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Heart Transplant Recipient Home After Suffering Complications Celebrates 5th … – KCEN-TV

Posted: Mar 28, 2015 7:24 PMUpdated: Mar 28, 2015 7:24 PM

By Rissa Shaw

BELTON  —  A happy homecoming was celebrated Saturday evening for a little boy from Belton who is also a heart transplant survivor.Jesus Olivarez, 5, finally got to celebrate his birthday during his welcome home party following a recent health scare.

Jesus was born with a hole in his heart and backwards arteries, and received a heart transplant in October of 2014.

However, his body started to reject the new heart, and he was rushed to a Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston the night before his fifth birthday on March 1st.

On Saturday, he and his family finally got to celebrate with a Frozen-themed party. People wore green in honor of his transplant ribbon.

“I have no worries, it’s God’s choice,what he wants to do,” said Vicki Olivarez, Jesus’ mother.  “I know he has a big plan for my son in the future, ya know, ‘cuz he’s still here.”

Jesus has to see his doctors in Houston again in two weeks, and will have another biopsy at the end of  April. If the biopsy goes well, he won’t need another one for six months.

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