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Liver transplant boy Lennox Nicholson contracts measles – Local News – News – Gaze

by Mike Morgan, Evening Gazette

Apr 15 2013

Lennox Nicholson and sister Lacey

A YOUNGSTER who had a lifesaving liver transplant as a baby has been struck by measles.

Brave Lennox Nicholson was unable to have the MMR jab as live vaccines are dangerous to him.

Today his mum Amy, 27, of Ashford Close, Guisborough, told how the seven-year-old suddenly became very ill with a high temperature.

She took him to his GP who immediately diagnosed measles.

He was rushed to hospital for emergency treatment including oxygen and was kept in for more than a week.

His worried dad Simon, 28, flew home from the oil rigs to be with his treasured son, who has already been through so much in his short life.

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Amy said: “It was horrendous and very scary at the time. We hardly left his side.”

Thankfully, the little battler is now back home and has pulled through with flying colours.

Lennox touched the hearts of Teessiders in December 2005 when his liver failed.

With their then five-month-old son given just days to live, his desperate parents made a plea for a donor through the Gazette.

As time looked to be running out a donor was found and Lennox had his successful transplant.

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