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Local teen recovers from liver transplant – WEAR ABC Channel 3 – Top Stories

Updated: Saturday, October 26 2013, 12:01 AM CDT

ESCAMBIA COUNTY — A local teen is recovering from a liver transplant over the weekend.  During his time of need, he’s getting a lot of support from more than just his family and friends; Ferry Pass Middle School is also stepping in.

“I’m just in total awe, of the community” said Barb Edmonds, Grandmother.

Barb Edmonds couldn’t be more proud of the web of support for her grandson.  Trenton Faulkner, 14, is an 8th grader at Ferry Pass Middle School who occasionally suffers from liver failure.

“One week he’s perfectly healthy, laughing, playing, having fun and the next week he’s getting a liver transplant” said Angelina Barco, Friend.

Trenton was rushed to Atlanta for a liver transplant.  His family was preparing for the worst, but luckily they found a donor.  The long road to recovery has just begun, but support from Trenton’s extended family at Ferry Pass is helping him along.

“When you find out the principal from your school is coming up to Atlanta, not Pensacola, Atlanta” said Edmonds.

While Trenton and his parents are at the hospital, Edmonds is holding down home base with his siblings, and help isn’t in short supply either.

“We’ve been doing dinners, teachers have been donating money time and meals for the family” said Kaye Worley, Guidance Counselor.

A banner full of ‘Get Well’ wishes from teachers and students hangs proudly in his family’s kitchen.

In a single day, Ferry Pass raised hundreds of dollars for Trenton’s family.

In a matter of hours over 2000 people supported a Facebook page dubbed ‘Tracking Trenton’ which follows his road to recovery.

“We have sold one dollar tickets for students to wear hats and in that short amount of time, we have raised 900 dollars” said Tara Palasciano, teacher.

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