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Pediatric liver transplants resume in San Antonio – FOX 29

SAN ANTONIO – The University of Texas Health Science Center and University Hospital are touting the return of a pediatric liver transplant program to San Antonio.

The first patient to benefit from the program is 7-month-old Hector Acosta, of El Paso,

Acosta would have had to travel to Houston or Dallas before to receive a liver transplant, but thanks to the return of surgeon Dr. Francisco Cigarroa, the little boy was able to get the care he needed in San Antonio.

Dr. Cigarroa served as the UT chancellor for several years and the pediatric liver transplant program became inactive.

Little Hector is doing “exceedingly well,” said Dr. Cigarroa in a press release.

The procedure was conducted at University Hospital, which is partnering with the UTHSC in resuming the pediatric liver transplant program. Dr. Cigarroa said he expects to perform between 10 and 20 pediatric liver transplants a year.

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