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Teen who received heart transplant, becomes US citizen – Washington Times

Cyril King, who at this point remains a Jamaican citizen, said that where Rajay and the family are now is a far better place than where they were a few months ago.

It used to be that “sometimes I’d wake up and see if he was still alive,” King said. “Now I don’t have to do that anymore … Now he has an unlimited life to live.”

Rajay, Linton King and King also were joined by siblings and cousins Calcian Anderson, C.J. King, Shamala Seville, Alantre Anderson and Johann Greene, all of West Haven.

Hull and Scanlon took the family out to celebrate at what Make A Wish Foundation calls a “Wish Delivery Party.”

Earlier in the day, Rajay took a few minutes at school to reflect on what it was like to go back.

“Pretty good – I get to see my friends again,” he said when asked how he felt about returning to school. When he returned, “some of them came and helped me,” he said.

Assistant Principal Valerie Bruneau, noting that on Thursday, “he’ll be in gym for the first time,” said she was “was very excited to be able to schedule him into gym this year.”

Rajay said he spent the summer “running and walking – walking my dog,” although as he healed from his surgery he also did a lot of hanging around the house.

For much of the time, “I didn’t really feel like doing anything,” Rajay said.

The best part about being back in school?

“A new class, a new grade, new teachers,” Rajay said. “I can’t wait to see what the future has to offer.”


Information from: New Haven Register,

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