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Thank You Heart Friends and Partners!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the incredible organizations that support transplant patients before and after their procedures. From the moment you are considering a transplant, these organizations are there to provide essential information and resources to help you make an informed decision. They provide guidance on everything from finding a qualified transplant center to understanding the risks and benefits associated with each type of transplant. After the procedure, these organizations continue to provide support to ensure a successful recovery.

These organizations offer everything from financial assistance to emotional support, and many provide educational materials and resources to make sure that patients and families have all the information they need. They also help connect patients and families with other transplant recipients who can provide advice and support throughout the process.

We want to thank these organizations for their commitment to making transplants more accessible and successful for those in need. Your tireless work and dedication are truly appreciated and make a difference in the lives of transplant patients and their families. Thank you for all that you do to support those in need!

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