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The Drawing Hope Project

This is one of the coolest things I have seen. It is almost like you getting to see through the magical lens of a child. This amazing artist started the “The Drawing Hope Project”

Artist Shawn Van Daele in his own words describing the project:

“The Drawing Hope Project is to support the incredible story of 20 (UPDATE! I’ve increased it to 30 for the first book!) young children who were born or are living with health conditions, their imaginations, their hope and the belief that anything is possible. Told through magical photographs inspired by and based on their own drawings, it will come together in a candid, real-life storybook to offer hope to others who are fighting, surviving, or just looking for some heart-warming inspiration. They are all full of hope.”

Please check out the site and the video interview on the CBC Radio One at (

This site is hope, beauty and inspiration woven into a most beautiful story. Don’t miss it!

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