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Zing Partners Hails Hoil Heroes Outreach to Pediatric Liver Transplant Patients and Families

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) September 23, 2013

Zing Partners LLC delivered pledges to and is proud to announce continued support of Hoil Heroes Foundation through device sales. Hoil Heros Foundation for their support is the dream of Connor Hoil, who received his life-saving transplant at the age of 3, and his mother, Ginger Hoil. Connor, now at 13 years old, is engaged in serving those in need in every way possible. Zing Partners/Zippy RBT stands with our Hero, Connor, and his dream. For more information visit and

A portion of Connor’s story, narrated by his mother, Ginger Hoil follows:

“Connor and I work with Donor Network of Arizona to bring awareness to the need of organ transplant, not just for adults but for children also. Connor is always looking for a way to give back; he takes toys to the hospitals for kids that have long stays due to illness. This year Connor and I started a charity called Hoil Heroes Foundation. We started Hoil Heroes to help Transplant children and their families with things they may need in the hospital and after transplant… Connor has shown me his whole life how to be strong, to be a fighter, and that is why Connor is my HERO.”

Connor uses his Zippy RBT massage device to relieve back and limb pain. His mother reports that as Connor uses Zippy massage consistently he uses less medication. Connor has a double ball Zippy prototype that is reported to be his favorite. Zing Partners is pleased that their simple device has been useful and effective in helping Connor manage pain and medications.

Durable, easy to use Zippy devices are the choice of athletes, personal users, and professional therapists for peak performance, relaxation, and therapy. Zippy golf ball massage tools can have a positive beneficial impact anywhere rolling ball massage can be applied to increase circulation, relax sore muscles, ease joint pain, trigger pressure release points, and release knots. Zippy devices offer convenient access to smooth, easy rolling massage in three models: the Basic, the Rocker Handle, and the T-Handle models. Zippy RBT devices are convenient and easy to carry and use, readily accessible in bag, purse, pocket, glove box, nightstand, and sports bag. Zippy RBT devices can be used when frozen for ice therapy without the mess. Please visit for more information.

A portion of online sales will be donated to Hoil Heros Foundation. Hail Hoil Heros!

Zippy Rolling Ball Therapy massage devices are available online and on Amazon. Check out the latest Zippy RBT video on our YouTube Channel. Visit Zippy RBT – Rolling Ball Therapy on Facebook and “Like”. Follow @ZippyRBT on Twitter, Join us on LinkedIn, “Zippy RBT Zing Partners LLC”.

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