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Nick’s New Heart

Susan May

AT ONLY A YEAR OLD, NICK MAY RECEIVED ONE OF THE FIRST SUCCESSFUL PEDIATRIC HEART TRANSPLANTS. THIS IS HIS STORY TOLD BY HIS MOTHER. Most people associate heart problems with old age. However, many American children suffer serious heart issues that once were insurmountable. In the past, infants with heart defects like Nick’s invariably died at a very young age but with surgical and medical advances, this gloomy situation has changed, providing not only a positive quality of life but a substantial life span. Nick’s life has been similar to taking a roller coaster ride without a seat belt or a safety bar. No one, not even Nick’s doctors or his family, knew what was around the next turn. His story’s often more dramatic than fiction, as devoted doctors and nurses worked together with his family not just to save Nick’s life, but to provide him with a happy life. He grew up alongside his peers, graduated from college, married and became a father. Through each of those milestones has come great experiences, a deeper understanding of the human spirit and God’s love, the value of hope, love, and steadfast support from friends, relatives, nurses, staff, and doctors – and his home town. Through it all, Nick has lived and loved. Not just survived, but thrived and beaten the odds. Thirty years and counting…


‎Independently published

March 18, 2021

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