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Riki Graves


Riki Graves

Director of Fundraising

Caregiver to a Heart Transplant Recipient

Riki Graves joined Transplant Families in 2021 after spending several years as a public advocate for her daughter, Juliana, who received a heart transplant at just 17 days old. While Riki was pregnant with Juliana, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since surviving difficult health challenges in 2014, Riki has been an advocate for children like Juliana who aren’t always able to advocate for themselves. Riki began volunteering at Texas Children’s Hospital with the Fetal Center and Heart Center shortly after Juliana was born. Through connections with Juliana’s medical team, Riki became an active vaccine advocate working with The Immunization Partnership, Immunize Texas, Voices for Vaccines, and Trust for America’s Health. Riki’s vaccine advocacy includes being invited to testify at both the Texas Senate and the Texas House of Representatives during the past three legislative sessions. She has also worked with media on public health and vaccine advocacy pieces, as well as presented to staffers on the importance of strong vaccination policy at Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Riki serves on the Advanced Cardiac Therapies Improving Outcomes Network (ACTION) Learning Network’s Families in ACTION (FACT) and Cardiac Neurodevelopment Outcomes Collaborative (CNOC) Committees, the Pediatric Heart Transplant Society (PHTS)’s Quality Initiatives Committee, the American Liver Foundation’s Texas Medical Advisory Committee, and as a Transplant Families Board Member. She has a Master’s in Healthcare Administration and is employed by Houston Methodist’s J.C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center as a Business Development Specialist for the Sherrie and Alan Conover Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation.

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