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We are transplant families just like you, and we are here to offer hope. Our kids have seen more in childhood than most people see in a lifetime. They are gifted life through real-life superheroes: their donors. We are their parents, siblings, grandparents, friends and other supporters who choose to walk beside our transplanted children throughout their challenging journeys. Our member families share their stories to help others find strength, courage and resolve.

In addition, Transplant Families provides links to our Pediatric Transplant Alliance member organizations, many of which provide financial support, educational resources and so much more. 

Transplant Families also recognizes the important role played by each family's transplant team. Each clinician working with our children is dedicated to improving their lives and is part of our extended family. Many are even advisors to our organization through our Medical Advisory Council. 

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Connect and share with our community


Connect and share with our community

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