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Lucy’s Liver Transplant: A Story About Organ Donation

Roberts, Lucinda Parker

Written by Lucinda Parker Roberts, whose life was saved by a liver transplant, 'Lucy’s Liver Transplant – A Story About Organ Donation' is a children’s illustrated book written to help stimulate conversation in families about the sensitive subject of organ donation and organ transplants. Lucy becomes sick with a rare illness and through a magical encounter learns about organ transplants. Described as a “heartwarming tale” we learn of how Lucy has to face something that most 7 year olds will never go through.

Covering a challenging subject like an autoimmune disease, Lucinda creates a vivid world of entertaining characters keen to help explain the message of organs and organ transplantation.

Written by Lucinda Parker Roberts, with glorious full colour illustrations from the talented Helmut Hernandez V.

It has been written and published on the Kindle format so that it is easily accessible across the world, but Lucinda is working with translators to translate it into different languages so that the story can travel the world. The Kindle revenue will go towards printing costs so that the book can be sent in a hard version to every school in the UK.

Lucinda Parker Roberts is an author, artist and entrepreneur who is an ardent campaigner for increased informed education about organ transplantation at an early age. At the age of 33, she was fortunate enough to receive a life-saving liver transplant after her own liver was destroyed by an autoimmune disease called Autoimmune hepatitis type 2.

For further information about Lucinda and her work please follow her online at her website.


November 2, 2018

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