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Advocating for Change: Reflections on Honor the Gift Lobby Day

Amber Chretien, Melissa McQueen, and Riki Graves are moms of heart transplant recipient children.

On December 5th, Washington DC became a hub of advocacy and determination as participants in the Honor the Gift Lobby Day gathered to address over 100 congressional officials. The primary focus was to reverse changes by a private contractor called “MolDX,” which rolled back Medicare coverage for transplant recipients to receive non-invasive blood tests to discover early signs of rejection. Among other restrictions, Medicare will now only cover blood tests for the surveillance of organ health if the doctor would have otherwise performed a biopsy. Advocates engaged in open dialogues with policymakers, emphasizing the importance of maintaining this critical testing method and its impact on patient care.

We need progress in the field of transplantation, not for testing that has been used for many years to be rolled back. Decisions for which testing is used should be made between a patient and their transplant team.

The entire Honor the Gift group at the Washington DC Lobby day.

Join us in making a difference. Take a moment to participate in the letter-writing campaign and let your voice be heard. Together, we can ensure that post-transplant patients receive the care they deserve and that critical testing methods remain accessible and covered by Medicare. All you need to submit is your name and address to send a letter to your representative:

Taking part in this campaign is so important. The more letters Congress receives, the stronger our message becomes. Congressional offices pay attention to what their constituents are saying, so each letter is a powerful way to make a difference. Let's all join together to make sure post-transplant patients get the care they need and that important testing methods stay covered by Medicare. Your voice matters – let's make it heard!

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