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Boy’s double lung transplant a success | Grand Forks Herald | Grand Forks, North Dakota

Published June 18, 2013, 01:59 PM

HOUSTON, Texas – The surgeon who performed this morning’s double lung transplant on a 10-year-old Fargo boy has declared the procedure a success, according to Dan Peterson, the boy’s father.

In a posting on the CaringBridge website, Peterson said there were no surprises during the surgery and the lungs that were placed in the chest of his son, Jordan, were delivering oxygen and removing carbon dioxide soon after the procedure was completed at Texas Children’s Hospital.

“There are a number of remaining hurdles,” Dan Peterson wrote on the CaringBridge website.

“First, Jordan will be heavily sedated for the next 24 hours. He is currently not breathing on his own. He is reliant on the ventilator. If they are satisfied with his progress, they will reduce the sedation and as he comes to he should start breathing on his own,” Peterson wrote.

He added that tubes were removing fluid from his son’s lungs and the hope was the tubes will become unnecessary as fluid subsides.

Peterson said the nerve that causes coughing when someone feels something in their lungs had to be cut on his son, meaning he will have to learn to cough on his own to clear his new lungs.

Also, Peterson said, medical staff was watching the boy closely for any signs his body might be rejecting the new lungs.

Peterson said his son had requested photos be taken of his old lungs and he said his son will be the first to see the pictures when he is ready.

Prior to the operation, Jordan Peterson, who has cystic fibrosis, was on a lung transplant list for more than three months.

In January, his family received the first report of a possible donor but problems were found with the organs.

A few weeks later, Peterson narrowly missed out on the organs when the surgical team tasked with retrieving the lungs was unable to travel due to bad weather at the time.

The Peterson family temporarily relocated to Houston in October to be close to Texas Children’s Hospital.

via Boy’s double lung transplant a success | Grand Forks Herald | Grand Forks, North Dakota.

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