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Children’s Hospital of Colorado Fund! | American Transplant Foundation

Posted on 01. Apr, 2013 by Jenny Butler in Connections: A Blog about Life!


Children’s Hospital of Colorado Fund

Assisting pediatric kidney transplant patients, bone marrow transplant patients, and their families.

In an effort to save even more lives, the American Transplant Foundation has developed a fund to help pediatric transplant patients in Colorado.  After recognizing an unmet need in our nearby community, especially among pediatric leukemia patients and kidney patients,  the Foundation has partnered with Children’s Hospital Colorado to ensure that pediatric patients can receive lifesaving transplants. This new program is designed to assist children, ages 2 through 18, and their families from rural areas in Colorado with food, rent/mortgage, and transportation cost during their transplant journey.

We look forward to seeing more patients helped and more lives saved as a result of this program!

via Children’s Hospital of Colorado Fund! | American Transplant Foundation.

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