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Children’s Mercy to create new transplant center – KCTV Kansas City


Children’s Mercy Hospital will become a go-to facility for pediatric organ transplants after their Thursday announcement about the creation of a new transplant center.

For more than 10 years they have been performing liver and kidney transplants. Within the last few months, they’ve added hearts transplants to that list.

Now, with the help of a significant donation, they can combine their efforts into a single, organized program.

The process from being told you need a transplant, to the wait for an organ, to the actual surgery and beyond is obviously emotional, complicated, and from the doctor’s viewpoint, highly regulated.

Now, the Executive Medical Director at Children’s Mercy Dr. Charles Roberts is proud to bring all aspects of that long process under one logical roof.

“It really will improve the care that we give because we’ll learn from each other,” said Roberts.

Brendan Elam knows the transplant process all too well. After nine months of waiting, he finally had a match for his liver transplant. That was two and a half years ago.

Now Elam is a healthy 13 year old who loves to run cross country and track, something he never could have done before the transplant.

“I feel a lot better than I did before,” he said.

Elam’s grandparents were so impressed with the care given to him through the liver transplant, they came forward with the contribution for the new Brendan Tripp Elam Transplant Center. They knew that this was something that needed to continue for families in these situations.

Above all, having the transplant center in Kansas City means local families no longer have to travel long distances for their transplant and care.

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