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Everyone needs a vacation!

And so do us transplant families.  Hence we will be taking a week break from bringing you news and stories about our amazing families.  We will be back October 15, well rested and re inspired.

This month we launched our Facebook site!  So be sure to friend us.  We love getting your opinions on all things related to transplant and anything else that may come to mind.  Maybe we can even grab a few story ideas based on suggestions and polls.

In November we will begin posting original articles specifically for the needs of families dealing with pediatric transplant.  We will have one topic a month that will span over several weeks.  November’s theme will be “Giving Thanks”.  Our article lineup so far is “Writing your donor’s family”, “Showing gratitude by living life to it’s fullest” and “Ways to show your gratitude to your medical staff”.

We are hoping you will join us through this second phase of expansion.  It is an incredibly exciting time for us and you.

As for this transplant family.  We will be at the “happiest place on Earth” this week!  We are indeed making our way to Disneyland.  Since vacations can be a sometimes scary predicament for us giving we are going to an environment that we are unsure of who has been there before us.  I thought I would share a few articles about staying well and clean while travelling.

The first posted by Walt Disney World for Grown Ups gives some general good reminder tips of how to take care of yourself and your family (  These tips are great for everyone, but especially important for us.  If you are flying eHow ( covers the basics for airline travel.

I always feel a little like the scene in “Tangled” where Mother Gothel is reminding Rapunzel of all that dreadful things are out in the world.  Except replace ruffions and thugs with bed bugs and some meandering tuberculosis patient coughing on everyone.

As much as I am tempted to make the whole family wear face masks and spray anyone that sniffles in the face with a large Lysol can.  I remember to temper myself and just go out and have fun.  I can let my transplant kid be normal for awhile.  I just have to remember the basics.

Which are:

  1. eat well

  2. drink lots of water

  3. get plenty of rest

  4. wash your hands (a lot!)

  5. stay away from anyone visibly ill

  6. carry anti bacterial gel

  7. remember your child’s medications

  8. have fun (REMEMBER you are on vacation!!!)

And if all else fails you can always:

Everyone stay well and positive!

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