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Girl deals with cancer and liver transplant before age of two | News – WCTI NewsChannel 12

By Ellen Bacca

POSTED: 5:48 PM Jun 09 2014   UPDATED: 3:40 PM Jun 10 2014


A little girl has bounced back after a liver transplant at only 18-months-old. Now the community is rallying together to help little Delilah Goldstein get help she needs.

A determined toddler is doing great after a liver transplant, and her parents thank the community for its support. For the past several months people in Craven County have raised money for 1-and-a-half year old Delilah Goldstein.

Delilah’s family is raising money through an organization called “C.O.T.A.” which stands for Children’s Organ Transplant Association.

C.O.T.A. is a national charity dedicated to raising funds for transplant-related expenses for kids. Delilah’s mom, Stephanie Goldstein, says the transplant is now paid for– but they are preparing for future expenses.

“Not only that we have to continue to raise funds for Delilah because you know she could possibly have an episode and rejection and she may need another liver and we would have to do this all over again.” Says Goldstein.

So far $8,000 has been raised in the New Bern community. The goal is 50,000. Because of the medication Delilah is on, there is an increased chance that she could develop cancer again in her lifetime.

“There will be a booth at new been farmers market through the end of August with hand made items made by volunteers in Delilah’s COTA campaign. Delilah and her twin brother, Max, even make appearances along with mom and dad at the farmers market.

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