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Heart Transplant Gives New LIfe – Children’s Med Dallas

27 February 2013

You may remember Rylynn Riojas from the Children’s Med Dallas TV series. The toddler was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and waited 10 months for a donor heart. Those months were filled with many medical ups and downs, including a lifesaving procedure.

Watch her journey to a new lease on life, and then read a note from her mom about how Rylynn’s doing today.

Andrea Riojas, Rylynn’s mom, gives an update on how she is doing today:

Ry has done amazing since she received her heart transplant nearly 17 months ago. She is now attending preschool a few hours a day and loves every minute of it. She’s grown into such a smart, sweet little girl. She is still an excellent patient and adores our friends at Children’s Medical Center. We are so grateful for her good health and progress.

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