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Infant receives heart transplant – WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge, Louisiana

OMAHA, NE (KPTM/CNN) – It’s rare that doctors come across a donor heart that will fit a one-month-old child.

That’s why a baby girl recently became the first infant to receive a heart transplant at children’s hospital.

A picture of baby Lainey Wilkinson, taken almost three months ago, shows her covered with tubes. Now, she’s free from those tubes and has already outgrown her foot imprints.

“When she came out and everything, she was crying, breathing on her own, defeated all the stuff that they said she wasn’t going to do,” the baby’s father, Jeff Wilkinson, said.

After weeks of recovery in the hospital, the Wilkinsons finally get to enjoy the comfort of their own home.

“The moment you realize that everything’s okay now, that’s when the joy starts to kick in,” Jeff Wilkinson said.

These binders have every bit of information needed to make sure baby Lainey stays healthy, including a list of all medications she needs to take and their exact times.

“We had to go through all different medications and what they were for and what side effects were and things like that so we knew what could be medicine and what could be signs of rejection,” Jessica Wilkinson said.

Though her road to recovery includes different medicines and lots of time, Lainey’s parents hope her story will educate others.

“We wanted to set that first, first people to do it so other families with similar problems know that it’s okay to go through with something like this,” Jeff Wilkinson said.

Now, the Wilkinsons hope her heart follows her feet and fingers to healthy future.

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