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Kids who face multiple kidney transplants like Facebook

Transplant News for June 21st from 00:16:

  1. Kids who face multiple kidney transplants like Facebook- by Jean EnersenLiving life to extremes is what it’s all about for eighteen year old Casey James.”In the summer I go longboarding, ride BMX, and wakeboard a lot,” James said.

In winter he’s a wildman on a snowboard. But he always wears protection for his kidney with a kidney belt. “In here it’s a hard plastic piece. That just protects my kidney up front,” he said.

In the front, instead of in the back, is where his mother’s adult size kidney fit. It saved Casey’s life when he was just three.

“You think…that you’ve got this great match, but it’s a double edged sword,” said Jo James, Casey’s mother.

That’s because the medications that keep Casey’s body from rejecting her kidney, will eventually wear the kidney out. More than risky sports, the specter of future transplants worries his mother.

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