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Letter: Pray for transplant, recipient, donor – Letters

Evie Wentz’s lifesaving kidney transplant is on Tuesday. More than anything, she needs your prayers.

Please, join me in praying for Evie’s quick recovery and for her body to fully accept the new kidney. Let’s also pray for Jenn Trapp, Evie’s donor, that she may recover quickly and go through this incredible surgery with no problems. And finally, let’s pray for the Wentz family that they have the strength needed during this trying time.

The power of prayer is phenomenal. I’ve seen it work in my own life, and I know it will work for Evie and Jenn.

Follow Evie’s journey on We’ll keep everyone posted on the surgery outcomes. While there, consider donating to COTA in honor of Evie W.

Teri Clark, PR coordinator, COTA


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