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Move Every Mountain Hike-a-thon

Join us for the Move Every Mountain Hike-a-thon. This campaign is one that celebrates being active anytime after receiving your gift of life. Hike your local mountain or trail. If you are in the city, walk steps to as high as you can get in the building. If you are confined to the hospital right now and want to do a lap around your unit, that counts too. Meet us where you are right now. Claim your spot! Go to the shared map ( to claim your spot where you hiked. Make sure not to tag your home; we don't want anyone to know where you live. If you have a fun family picture, a painted rock you left to mark the spot, or something similar, feel free to post your picture. Earn your medal! The first few hundred participants will receive a commemorative medal with the start date and place. These medals were graciously donated when a sister organization could not have their in-person dash on the same date. Make a pledge to help kids and their families say thanks in the days after receiving their transplant. Money received will go to window clings to help our newest transplant recipients thank their donor/donor family and commemorate their new chance at life. How it works

  1. Register as an individual, join an existing team, create a new team OR make a donation!

  2. Hike, walk, bike or treadmill anywhere/anytime starting now through April 1st.

  3. Spread the word and secure pledges from supporters and friends to help you reach your fundraising goals.

  4. Post a photo of your hike or a message on why you hike to support Transplant Families and use the hashtag #TFHIKE2021.

  5. Celebrate with us during the month of April as we recognize participants and teams, honor the cause during Donate Life Month, and other online festivities.

LOCATION:A mountain, hill, trail, building or any place you can walk near you. STARTS:February 20, 2021 at 6:00 pm PST

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