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MSU Senior Needs Heart Transplant – KFDX

Much of the community is rallying around an MSU senior, who is also a Rider High School graduate.

 (Caleb Nichols)

(Caleb Nichols)

 (Caleb Nichols)

(Caleb Nichols)

Much of the community is rallying around an MSU senior, who is also a Rider High School graduate.

20-year-old Caleb Nichols is in the hospital Tuesday waiting for a heart. He is also a student ministry intern at First Baptist Church.

Caleb was diagnosed with a rare disease called Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy back in 2011. He has been in UT Southwestern in Dallas for about a week, was in Cooks Children’s Hospital before that, and there is no sign of him leaving anytime soon.

“It can be kind of emotional, but you gotta keep your chin up,” explained Caleb.

His mother never imagined she would spend her days sitting by her son’s side in the hospital.

“It’s been very hard to go through such a journey, but the Lord is with us through this journey and has definitely saved his life several times,” stated Caleb’s Mother, Sandy Nichols.

That is why First Baptist Church members are pulling together – to help make a difference in Caleb’s life.

“There’s almost no one I would rather help than Caleb Nichols. He’s just a great guy and I’d do almost anything for him,” said Junior High Pastor, Casey Burt.

They have started a GoFundMe for him where folks can also watch Caleb’s testimony. Their goal is to raise $500,000.

“My heart has been deteriorated and instead of being muscle has turned to fat and that causes all sorts of rhythm and pump issues,” Caleb said.

The next day, Caleb’s heart failed and he was rushed to the emergency room.

He’s been at UT Southwestern in Dallas now for over 15 days.

“As of right now, they want me walking around. When I walk, I have to walk with a nurse to make sure it doesn’t throw my heart out of rhythm or anything like that,” stated Caleb.

For Caleb’s life to be saved, he needs a donor. But, that will mean someone else’s life could not be saved.

“That is the most emotionally overwhelming thing. It almost makes me want to cry knowing that so many people are supporting us and doing everything they can to make it somehow easier,” finished Caleb.

Again, First Baptist Church is trying to raise $500,000 to help pay for the transplant. On average, the procedure could cost over $1.2 million. A volleyball tournament and possible blood drive are in the works to help raise money for Caleb as well.

T-shirts and wristbands are supposed to be available Wednesday. Wristbands will be $5 and t-shirts $20 per shirt. T-shirts (and possibly wristbands) can be purchased at Sloans Loans III and Antiquities and Interiors.

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