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National Donor Sabbath 2013 | American Transplant Foundation

Did you know that all major religions in the U.S. support living and deceased organ donation?

It’s true, and in order to increase awareness and donors, American Transplant Foundation is inviting you to participate in National Donor Sabbath!

Founded in 1997 by Donate Life America, National Donor Sabbath is a time where faith leaders all around the United States discuss the importance of organ donation and saving lives with their congregations. National Donor Sabbath is annually held two weekends before Thanksgiving.

In 2013, National Donor Sabbath will be observed during the weekend of November 15th – 17th.

Faith plays a major role in the decision to register as an organ donor. Therefore, we believe it is extremely important to work with faith communities to bring the message of donation to congregations. Did you know that all major religions in the United States support organ, eye and tissue donation, as a final act of kindness and generosity? It’s true!

Participation in this observance can save lives and it’s so easy to get involved! Help spread this lifesaving message within our community. Bringing light to the need for living and deceases donation is essential to reducing the number of men, women and children who are awaiting a lifesaving transplant.

Through education and awareness, the gap between the critical need for transplant organs and their availability can be eliminated. Sharing within your congregation can come in all kinds of forms- an onstage announcement, a mention during the sermon, a post on the website or even a tweet.

To download Facebook banners, pictures and more click here.

American Transplant Foundation will provide you with information and speaking points to help you share this lifesaving message.

If you or your congregation would like to get involved, email

Listen as Pastor Baca explains why his decision to donate was easy because it meant saving a life.

via National Donor Sabbath 2013 | American Transplant Foundation.

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