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National Minority Donor Awareness Week! | American Transplant Foundation

Today, August 1st, marks the start of National Minority Donor Awareness week – a week designated to educating and increasing awareness about the critical need for organ transplant donors among minority communities.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, more than 56% of the 118,646 people on transplant waiting lists are minorities. African Americans make up the biggest portion of minorities on the waiting list at 27 percent, followed by Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Since more than half of the people on the waiting list are of racial or ethnic minorities, education is crucial because the chances of receiving a transplant increase if the donor and recipient share the same racial and ethnic background. The American Transplant Foundation’s Multicultural Outreach and Education Program seeks to educate minorities about organ and tissue donation and to encourage members of these communities to register to become donors. Preventing the need for a transplant is also an important part of this program.

In order to raise awareness among minority populations, the American Transplant Foundation works to focus attention on providing educational resources to underserved populations.

The American Transplant Foundation is the only non profit in the nation that provides emergency financial assistance to the most vulnerable transplant patients and living donors despite their legal status.

Learn about our friend Keith who received the timeless Gift of Life from his step son, Johnny!

via National Minority Donor Awareness Week! | American Transplant Foundation.

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