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New Resource: TPConnect

We are proud to add a new resource to our community.  Transplant Patients Connect or was established as a place to help Transplant Patients connect and fundraise.

Founder Blake Walkup describes the site as:

“We are a brand new Transplant Social Community and here for Transplant Patients, Family Members & Friends so they can connect and share their Transplant experiences. We are also in the process of setting up different fundraisers and a section for you to set up a personal donation page.

I, Blake Walkup, founded TPConnect. I’m a 2 time kidney transplant patient and decided to start TPConnect because even with all the Transplant resource sites on-line, none of which provided all of the support I wanted or needed. Even though there are a lot of excellent sites out there, none of them met my criteria and with that TPConnect was formed.”

We look forward to seeing TPConnect grow and flourish.  A resource that we can all use.

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