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Plans to Open First Pediatric Transplant House Underway |

July 31, 2016 07:39 PM(ABC 6 News) —

Parking for the Olmsted County Fair this past week may have been difficult, but one local business charged a $5 fee for attendees to park in their convenient lot. The twist is that the money will go towards a charity that is currently in the works.
Cy’s Place is a project that when finished, may be the first transplant pediatric home in Minnesota. It’s an idea that sprung for the loss in the Erickson family.
It was late 2007, Randy and Ree Erickson lost their son Silas to Stage IV neuroblastoma. Randy remembers when his wife and son had to come live in Rochester to be close to Mayo Clinic. They were invited to stay with his brother-in-laws family. Despite the tragic circumstances, the Randy and Ree remember how kind and supportive the family during the difficult times. Eventually, the couple opened their own home to out-of-town families in similar situations. Not long after, a bigger picture evolved.
“A 20 apartment sized building for families with children going through pediatric transplant of immune compromised children,” describes Randy Erickson.
Cy’s Place, once finished, will be a place for families that is more affordable than a hotel.  It will be equipped to allow the children to stay as long as they need before, during, and after treatment.
The Erickson family currently has a plot of land purchased and ready for building in northwest Rochester, 5 miles away from Mayo Clinic.
For more information and opportunities to donate, please visit
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