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Tampa boy making progress after 5-organ transplant

By Laurie Davison, Reporter

Last Updated: Tuesday, March 04, 2014, 9:58 PM


These days Adonis Ortiz, 3, is on the move with energy to burn.

He’s a happy child who smiles easily and loves Mickey Mouse.

“I love having our little munchkin. He makes us laugh all day,” said his mother, Aracelis Ortiz.

Life for Adonis has not been easy. He was born with a gastrointestinal defect.

In October, doctors in Miami have him five new organs. He received a liver, pancreas, stomach and small and large intestine transplant.

Through it all, his mom said he’s been a real trooper.

“We were walking to the clinic one day and I had 3 or 4 patients stop me and say “Did he have a transplant?” and I said “Yes, he had a five organ transplant” and they said “What? I just had a liver transplant and I can’t take this!” and I said “He’s fine, he has a smile, he’s good,” she said.

Adonis is home in Tampa for the first time since the surgery.

“Thankfully, I was raised in church so with us praying and everything all the time it was just having that faith that everything would be ok,” said Ortiz.

She said they’re celebrating the child’s progress and every milestone is huge.

“For him to be able to eat one spoon of food, for us, we literally started clapping and doing all kinds of goofy stuff because for us, that’s great,” she said.

She said the best part of him being home is being able to spend time as a family.

“I’m just super grateful that he’s still with us. There’s a lot of parents who can’t say that right now and thankfully we can,” she said.

Adonis still has to go for check-ups every week in Miami but as he gets stronger those visits will taper off.

Doctors said his prognosis is very good.

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