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The Gift of Life: Channel 5 documentary following transplant recipients … – Evening Stan

In life, we hope that we’ll never have to go through an illness or incident that means we’ll require an organ transplant.

The truth is, a lot of people aren’t that lucky, and in the majority of cases there’s a waiting list that cannot keep up with the demand. There are always people in need of the crucial lifeline that transplants provide.

New Channel 5 documentary series The Gift of Life follows the works of the Newcastle Institute of Transplantation, showing the vital work they do in organising and delivering organ transplants to those desperately in need of help.

In a distressing statistic, the average of three people a day die while waiting for an organ, equating to 21 deaths per week. The first episode of the series sees a dad even asking around on Facebook for kidney donors when his daughter Stacey struggles to find a match.

“The Gift of Life is a beautifully produced and inspiring insight into the stories of patients and their families who face organ transplantation, often as their final chance,” said Guy Davies, a Commissioning Editor at Channel 5. “We hope this series encourages more people to join the Organ Donor Register.”

To find out more about organ donation and to join the register, visit

Channel 5, 10pm

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