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Twins Jack and Josh Parry saved by kidney transplant from same donor | The Sun


Published: 11th July 2013

IDENTICAL twins Jack and Josh Parry made history when they were given transplant kidneys from the SAME donor at the SAME time.

The brave nine-year-olds are the first twins in Europe ever to have the surgery simultaneously using organs from a single donor.

Both boys are recovering well, and doctors are delighted at the success of the ops — after waiting just THREE DAYS for a donor.

Beaming Josh said last night: “I’m just so happy that we’re not ill any more!”

Battler … Josh Parry in hospital after op

The twins were six when they were diagnosed with cystinosis, a rare and incurable inherited disease that usually causes total kidney failure by the age of ten.

As the boys’ health deteriorated, doctors feared they would need months of dialysis treatment, with their ordeal made even worse by repeated injections.

Jack and Josh were put on the NHS transplant register, and just days later were in adjoining theatres at Manchester Royal Infirmary.

Poorly … Jack recovering on ward

Mum Lisa, 39, said: “We knew they’d need new kidneys one day. They were put on the list but we were told it could take two years on average to find a match. We were shocked when we got a call three days later.

“We didn’t expect them both to get new kidneys on the same day — it was a miracle. We can’t thank the donor’s family enough.”

After five weeks at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital the boys — who have an older brother, Matthew — came home to North Wales.

Cheeky … twins Josh and Jack aged two

Dad John, 43, said: “They are back to their usual cheeky selves now. It’s a relief they had the surgery together because we didn’t want one to have the operation and the other not to.”

Consultant Afshin Tavakoli, who led the surgical team, said: “Transplant surgery always requires a huge team effort, but with twins undergoing surgery at the same time from the same donor, the pressure intensifies.

“I can’t thank everyone involved enough — but most of all we must thank the donor’s family.”

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