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Updates: 2-year-old Matthew Ouimet recovers from transplant surgery – San Jose Mercury News

By Gary Peterson and Jane Tyska

Bay Area News Group

Posted:   06/04/2013 09:08:54 AM PDT

Updated:   06/06/2013 02:25:16 PM PDT

Matthew Ouimet, 2, of Antioch, is underdoing a 9-hour liver and kidney transplant Tuesday a UCSF Medical Center Follow reports from reporter Gary Peterson and photographer Jane Tyska during the surgery. Matthew has primary hyperoxaluria Type I, a condition that has required four-hour dialysis treatments six days a week at UCSF Medical Center. This is the fourth time the Ouimets were told that organs were available; the first three ended in disappointment when the organs were not considered a close enough match.

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