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‘Vampire Diaries’ Fan Gets Lung Transplant — Nina Dobrev Shares News – Hollywood Life

Great news! Nina announced that Kayla Baker, a ‘TVD’ fan who suffers from Pulmonary Fibrosis, has received a successful lung transplant!

The Vampire Diaries stars, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, first brought 14-year-old Kayla Baker‘s story to attention when they granted her wish by sending her a special message from the TVD set! They surprised Kayla again, when they visited her in the hospital in Toronto on April 3!

‘Vampire Diaries’ Fan Gets Lung Transplant

On April 5, Nina excitedly tweeted, “Sending congratulations to @kayla_0507 and her family. We all secreted this. Her life has been saved. I’m smiling ear to ear.”

Along with the tweet, Nina shared a screenshot of a post on Kayla’s Facebook page that read, “I can not tell you how grateful we are to have a hero for Kayla baker this morning… Thank you to the family that made the choice to have their loved one be the hero… At 130am this morning Kayla was taken to the OR for her new left lung… Yes she received 1 lung she will be able to function as a normal 14 year old… We will be forever grateful for the support from our friends, family and community but most of all the donor family… May your memory forever live through my daughter and may this story inspire many more changes to make others organ donors as well.”

Nina also stressed the importance of donating organs by adding, “Ps. I’m an organ donor! Everyone should be! You can save someone’s life. I am grateful to Kayla’s fearless Hero.”

We’re so glad to hear that Kayla received a lung transplant!

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