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What we are thankful for this year at Transplant Families

Thanksgiving serves as a moment to reflect on the gratitude all families have. In our community, we have much more to be thankful for. As we approach this season of thankfulness, we stand in awe of the resilience, love, and unwavering commitment that defines the world of transplantation. This Thanksgiving, our hearts overflow with appreciation for the caregivers who embody strength, the recipient children who exhibit extraordinary courage, and the dedicated healthcare teams whose expertise transforms the gift of life into a reality. We extend our deepest thanks to the advocates and community organizations that form the intricate support network embracing transplant families. And finally, we are especially thankful to our donors, whose contributions make our mission possible. Together, let us embark on a journey of gratitude, acknowledging the countless reasons we have to be thankful for the miracles, the unity, and the shared hope that defines our experience.

From our family to yours, with love and hope,

Transplant Families

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