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Winona Lake boy with kidney failure receives transplant from mother – WNDU-TV

Posted: Thu 4:36 PM, May 07, 2015

By: Karina E. Flores

This is a wonderful update to a story we’ve been following about a little Winona Lake boy in need of a kidney transplant.

We first told you about 2-year-old Myles Bartley last year.

Myles was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure shortly after he was born. His parents, Sarah and Shawn, were giving him kidney dialysis at home.

Without a kidney transplant, the future looked grim.

On Thursday, NewsCenter 16’s Maureen McFadden heard from Sarah, who explained that she and Myles underwent surgery on Wednesday in Indianapolis where he received one of her kidneys.

She said they are both doing well and hope to be back home in Winona Lake soon.

We send our thoughts and good wishes to mom, Myles and the family, and we’ll bring you an update when they get home.

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