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Alberta doctors complete liver transplant on Yukon baby –

Six-month-old Emmett Smith and his father Michael are recovering in Edmonton’s Stollery Children’s Hospital after liver transplant surgery.

Emmett Smith has a rare form of liver cancer. His father Michael Smith was recently identified as a compatible donor and agreed to have part of his liver transplanted.

Mother Charlotte Francis says she can now breathe a sigh of relief.

“This morning I am feeling relieved and a little less stressed. The boy’s surgery went well,” she said.

Emmett has been undergoing chemotherapy related to liver cancer since January.

According to the Canadian Liver Foundation, about 400 liver transplants are accomplished across Canada every year but it’s far more rare to see the procedure attempted in infants and young children.

Yukoners and people across Canada have been following Emmett’s progress online. A Facebook group called “Baby Emmett Smith” has more than 280 members.

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