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Art auction helps Portland baby who needs liver transplant –

PORTLAND, Ore. — They describe it as “Art With a Heart.” For a 7-month-old Portland girl, it could help cover the cost of a lifesaving liver transplant.

“We have donations from more than a hundred artists all over the country,” said a grateful mom Amy Antonio- Claussen. Her daughter, Alma has a rare liver condition called biliary atresia,

“The bile ducts that run between the liver and small intestines just shut down and become unusable,” explained Alma’s dad, Jeremy Claussen.

Art for Alma is a 4-day online art auction that will begin on January 15. Auction items range from a $15 crocheted giraffe to a $900 steel and copper sculpture. There are also dozens of affordable prints and paintings.

The family has been touched by all the support from strangers.

“More than a hundred artists were inspired by Alma’s story, many of them we have never even met,” remarked Amy.


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