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Baby Jax gets life-saving heart transplant |


DURHAM, N.C. — Chris Bunton and his wife Mercedes got the gift they’ve been waiting and praying for over the past three months — a new heart for their 5-month-old son Jax.

“I don’t think we could ever ask for a better gift,” said Mercedes Ingram. “This is life again. This is like giving birth to a whole new baby.”

Tuesday morning, baby Jax got a heart transplant.

He’s been hooked up to tubes and machines at Duke Hospital in Durham since December when he was diagnosed with a rare form of heart disease.

Part of his heart was enlarged and too weak to pump blood throughout his body, causing breathing problems.

“He was breathing really fast, really pale, really low temperature,” Bunton said.

Jax will stay on a breathing machine for the next few days and will need physical therapy.

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