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BiologicTx® Paired Donation’s MatchGrid™ Software Powers 6-Way Single-Center Transplant Chain

TOTOWA, N.J., March 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — BiologicTx® today announced that their Paired Donation Software, MatchGrid, was the platform responsible for matching up the donor and recipient pairs in the successful 6-way kidney paired donation transplant conducted at California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) on March 5th and 6th, 2015.  Initiated by an altruistic donor, this transplant marks the first successful single-center exchange of this magnitude on the West Coast.

BiologicTx Paired Donation’s MatchGrid is an advanced enterprise software application that provides doctors and clinicians with the tools necessary to rapidly and accurately match living organ donors with patients who have willing, healthy, but incompatible donors.  Using advanced matching and optimization algorithms, for a single center, MatchGrid can evaluate all potential matches from 2-way all the way through 12-way combinations in minutes or even longer regional chains, saving transplant centers months of work previously required to assess a smaller number of pairs.  The software can also optimize the number of transplants for a given pool of donor/recipient pairs, ensuring the maximum number of transplants for the most difficult people to match, with the highest quality matches for each transplant hub in a paired kidney donation network.

The MatchGrid software, developed by BiologicTx’s Chief Technology Officer David Jacobs, was created in response to his personal struggles with kidney transplantation.  In 2003, Jacobs underwent kidney transplant surgery at CPMC.  Within the months shortly following his own transplant, Mr. Jacobs began developing the software that eventually helped extend the lives of many other transplant recipients, including the patients in the 6-way exchange last week.

“I know personally how it feels to wait for an organ and undergo hours of dialysis treatments.  The feeling of despair is indescribable,” said David Jacobs.  “I’m very grateful that our software is able to provide a second chance for not only these six recipients, but for potentially many others currently enduring hours of dialysis each week.”

“We have invested heavily within our transplant digital health platform.  It is very gratifying to see the practical application of MatchGrid and how it is changing and saving lives,” stated Todd Krasinsky, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer at BiologicTx.  “This is only the beginning of the success domestic and international transplant programs will experience when our clinical intelligence is integrated with technology.”

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