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Fundraiser spaghetti dinner held for boy needing kidney transplant – KETV Omaha

A Ralston teenager needed a kidney transplant twice, and despite years of hurdles his family isn’t letting go of hope.

Max Metzger was diagnosed a year and a half ago with kidney failure. All signs of potential progress have only let him down. He undergoes dialysis three times per week.

“It’s hard enough to be a regular 13-year-old,” Carl Metzger, his dad, said. “Then you throw in any significant health problems and it’s harder.”

Max’s parents have been at his hospital bed for several months.

“This is his second change at a kidney,” Melissa Metzger, Max’s mother, said. “His first one did not work well for us a couple months ago.”

He waited over a year for the first kidney. It seemed promising until an aneurysm in an artery occurred.

Now he’s waiting for a second kidney, while still trying to enjoy childhood.

“It’s up and down,” Melissa Metzger said. “Some days are better than others. He gets tired and worn out.”

With his lengthy stay comes hospital bills.

Sunday, his friends held a fundraiser spaghetti dinner for him.

“I’m really excited about the amount of people that have come through, everybody who’s come,” Melissa Metzger said. “It just warms my heart so much. We’re very excited. He’s very close to getting back on the list.”

Those interested in helping Max can do so here:


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