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Heartwarming Halloween Tale: Jaxsen, the Heart Transplant Recipient, shows his Brave Bear Costume.

We are proud to highlight Jaxsen, a brave heart transplant recipient. Just a year and a half post-transplant, who is not just any ordinary trick-or-treater; he was a symbol of resilience and hope, proving that a strong heart beats within, no matter the challenges life throws your way.

His bear costume, complete with fuzzy ears and a tail, was a testament to his playful spirit and the joy he brought to his family and friends. As he roamed the streets, his eyes sparkled with excitement, and his smile could light up the darkest night. He proved that courage knew no bounds and love could conquer even the most formidable of challenges.

Jaxsen's journey had not only touched the hearts of his family but had also become a beacon of hope for others facing similar battles. Thank you to Jaxen's mom for submitting his story, and hope to so many others. And an extra special thanks for the team at Nationwide Children's Hospital for taking great care of Jaxsen and helping him and his family through the scariest of moments.

If you would like to provide hope to others too, send us some pictures of your recipient and what they were for Halloween. We will make sure to highlight them in an upcoming newsletter. Just email "" with the heading, "I want to share hope with others."

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