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IPTA/Transplant Families COVID-19 Q&A

The International Pediatric Transplant Association (IPTA) is a professional society for providers in the pediatric transplantation community. If you are a recipient/recipient parent, your providers are likely IPTA members. IPTA would like to receive input from the recipient parent community (including candidates) regarding ongoing concerns about COVID-19. In particular, if there are questions which you have not seen answered elsewhere, feel free to ask your questions here. Transplant Families is collecting these answers to be sent to IPTA, who will be using these questions as part of research studies and patient education materials. Responses will close June 30, 2020. If you asked your questions as part of the Transplant Families COVID-19 Q&A from April 2020, those questions have already been provided to the providers conducting research on behalf of IPTA. Please direct any questions or comments to: QandA AT (substitute AT for @ sign).

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