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Storytime with Transplant Families - Mighty Me




Transplant Families is honored to host Analy Navarro as she reads from her latest book “Mighty Me”.

A tale like no other about Mighty Julia and her quest to find a unique and magical stone that saved her life and gave her a second chance. Although tiny, Julia is brave, strong, and full of hope. Regardless of how impossible it might seem, Julia is determined and refuses to give up. Along the way, she meets some amazing friends and an Alchemist who joins her on this quest.

“…adventures like these will bring the mighty out in you.”

"...there's nothing impossible under the sun."

The mission of this book is to allow young transplant recipients, along with their family and friends, to process and understand the amazing journey they had. Mighty Me is the perfect story to read and discuss with siblings, cousins, classmates, and best friends.

The story behind the tale: Julia was born with Biliary Atresia, a rare liver disease that affects one in ten thousand babies born in the USA. At only 7 months old, Julia received a life-saving liver transplant from a living donor—her mother.

This book is based on Julia's transplant journey. It is dedicated to all the resilient children like Julia who had to fight for their lives and to the organ donors who give others a second chance in the most selfless way possible.

Book Takeaways:

Mighty Me creates awareness about organ donation and the importance of helping others. It teaches children about resilience, empathy, and courage. This book was carefully curated to allow children to see themselves in the story regardless of what their medical journey has been.

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to fund Biliary Atresia research and help find a cure for this rare disease.

There will be a giveaway of book and other goodies at the end of the presentation.

If you'd like to purchase the book to read at the same time with us, search for "Mighty Me: A Magical Journey of Courage, Love, and Strength." at

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