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Kidney for Maria: 4-year-old need transplant – Fox5NY


NEW YORK (FOX 5 NEWS) – Maria Campos, 4, spent the first few years of her life, doing the things most little girls do, but that quickly changed about a year ago. She wasn’t feeling well so her parents took her to the hospital. She had protein in her urine, but doctors said that was normal.

A year later, Maria was rushed to the hospital again. This time, doctors asked for more testing to be done. It was then that the devastating news was delivered: both of her kidneys were failing. Maria is battling chronic kidney disease. Her kidney filters are no longer able to filter blood normally. Doctors only had two choices: dialysis or a transplant. She undergoes dialysis three times a week for 3-hour sessions. She is on a strict diet and can’t have too much to drink because she gets swollen.

The family holds on to their faith.

She is on a waiting list for a kidney transplant at Mount Sinai Hospital where she goes for her dialysis.

But on this day, the Campos family met someone else who is trying to help: Chaya Lipschutz, a so-called kidney matchmaker. Lipschutz donated a kidney back in 2005. Her experience motivated her to help others at no cost and on her own time.

Little Maria is blood type O-positive. She can get a kidney from an O-positive or O-negative donor.

If you want to read more about her story, see:

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