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Study and Advocacy Opportunities (May 2022)

We are working with our friends and partners to give transplant families access to many different medical study and advocacy opportunities. Here are this months:


Pediatric Heart Transplant Families - Out of Pocket Expenses

Pediatric Heart Transplant Families, In an effort to better serve the families of our pediatric patients who have received a heart transplant, we as a Pediatric Transplant Community are asking for your participation in a research study. We know that a heart transplant can lead to many out-of-pocket expenses, some of which are not covered by insurance. By clicking the link below, you will be directed to a survey that will ask you questions regarding your out-of-pocket expenses related to the care of your child who has received a heart transplant. By gaining a better understanding of how much our families pay out-of-pocket, we hope to be able to provide more resources to our transplant families in the future.

Study Contact: Whitney Kaslow, DNP, APRN Pediatric Heart Transplant Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital

Pediatric Heart Transplant Families - Perspective on Ex Situ heart perfusion (ESHP)

Pediatric Kidney Transplant Families

Pediatric Liver Transplant Families - Starzl PARTNER Project

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